The 15 'Most Profitable' Industries Get a Digital Makeover


Entrepreneur recently published a list of the 15 most profitable small business industries. From accounting (No. 1) to religious organizations (No. 12), the industries listed below are among the most lucrative to launch. It's based on a report by Sageworks, a financial data serve that analyzed the net profit margin of nearly 16,000 small businesses between September 2014 and August 2015.

As these profit-inducing industries lead small business growth, however, domain name scarcity in 'dot-com' (.com) remains a consistent frustration for new businesses coming online. After all, you need a website to remain relevant in today's business world.

The good news: There is a new digital solution for these businesses -- including those within these 15 industries. It's called the "not-com" domain. These are new domain extensions, a.k.a. words to the right of the dot in a URL, that help to define what a company actually does. It's new choice that brings meaning and memorability to a domain name.

Because the trend is still relatively new, businesses should have little issue securing their preferred choice, as well. In other words: No need to compromise your business name in order to secure a 'dot-com.'

In fact, nearly 12 percent of startups are now using a "not-com" website name, according to Clutch, a research firm focussed on professional services companies. That number is growing, just as experts champion the new option. "It breathes new life into branding," says Sam Rooeintan, founder of design firm Marstudio, in a recent Inc. article.

Here are some "not-com" recommendations for these "most profitable" small business industries:

No. 1:  Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services (net profit margin: 18.4%) --   .accountants --   .tax --   .finance --   .financial --   .solutions

No. 2:  Management of Companies and Enterprises (net profit margin: 15.5%) --   .management --   .agency --   .company --   .business --   .expert --   .solutions

No. 3:  Real Estate Agents and Brokers (net profit margin: 15.19%) --   .realtor --   .realestate --   .properties --   .house

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No. 4:  Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing (net profit margin: 14.55%) --   .lease --   .rentals

No. 5:  Legal Services (net profit margin: 14.48%) --   .legal --   .attorney --   .lawyer --   .partners

No. 6:   Offices of Dentists (net profit margin: 14.41%) --   .dental --   .care

No. 7:  Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (net profit margin: 14.02%) --   .energy --   .services --   .green

No. 8:  Lessors of Real Estate (net profit margin: 14.01%) --   .condos --   .apartments --   .villas --   .directory --   .house --   .properties --   .lease --   .rentals

No. 9:  Offices of Other Health Practitioners (net profit margin: 13.30%) --   .clinic --   .care --   .healthcare

No. 10:  Offices of Physicians (net profit margin: 13.01%)  --   .clinic --   .healthcare --   .care

No. 11:   Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing (net profit margin: 12.58%) --   .rentals --   .contractors --   .supplies

No. 12:   Religious Organizations (net profit margin: 12.41%) --   .church --   .life --   .guide --   .guru --   .community --   .center

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No. 13:   Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services (net profit margin: 12.05%) --   .management --   .technology --   .consulting --   .services

No. 14:  Specialized Design Services (net profit margin: 11.4%)  --   .design --   .graphics --   .services

No. 15:  Office Administrative Services (net profit margin: 11.3%) --   .services --   .management --   .solutions