The Prediction That 'Back to the Future' Missed for 2015

By Erica Bray

Great Scott! Back to the Future II sure got a lot of things right when it came to the technology we'd be using in 2015.

When Marty McFly flew his time-traveling DeLorean to Oct. 21, 2015, he encountered a world of wearable technology, fingerprint identification systems, hologram entertainment, flying cars and floating skateboards. (Of course, we're eagerly waiting for a few of these prophesies from the 1989 film to still come true.)

Yet, one major can't-live-without-it device in our current 2015 seems to be missing from this movie's predictions: the Internet.

The film's 2015 "future" world doesn't feature people glued to their mobile phones while walking the streets or obsessively surfing the Internet while at home. The only major reference to computers comes when Marty McFly walks past an antique store and sees old-school computer monitors (which were actually new-school when the film was released in 1989).

Without giving the Internet a starring role in this imagined future world, Back to the Future II also missed predicting one of the biggest transformations of the Internet for 2015: the "Not-Com Revolution."

This movement has been triggered by the hundreds of new "not-com" domain choices that have entered the online namespace. Instead of attaching your website name to 'dot-com' (.com) and 'dot-net' (.net), you now have the option to end your website name with a word that is meaningful and memorable -- from 'dot-fitness' (.fitness) to 'dot-guru' (.guru) to 'dot-world" (.world). Click here for an expanding list.

To pay homage to this classic 80's film and tie it to thisvery real advancement for 2015, we've given our favorite Back to the Future II predictions the "not-com" website names they deserve.

1. Hoverboards
Suggested website name:

This was every kid's fantasy toy when the film came out in 1989. Still is.

2. Powerlacing Shoes
Suggested website name:

Oh, how we'd love to never tie our own laces again. Still waiting on these, Nike.

3. Wearable technology
Suggested website name:

Marty McFly's future kids play with virtual reality and receive telephone calls on eyewear that looks a lot like the discontinued Google Glass. (We're now waiting for Oculus Rift to pick up where Google left off.)

4. Pizza Hydrator
Suggested website name:

It's the most insanely cool microwave ever.

5. Flying Cars
Suggested website name:

Yeah, still waiting on this one, too ...

6. Hologram Entertainment
Suggested website name:

Marty McFly had a close encounter with the star of Jaws 19 in the film's vision for 2015. It's not so far off from the hologram technology of today. Holograms are popping up everywhere, featuring rock stars, comedians and politicians.

7. Futuristic Pepsi
Suggested website name:

Limited edition versions of this fictional drink are actually now available.

8. Electronic Fingerprint Technology
Suggested website name:

It's better than a key. Fingerprint technology has grown more common as a security measure.

9. Video Chat
Suggested website name:

Today we not only do this on television and computer screens, but on our mobile devices. Skype, anyone?

10. Flatscreen TVs with multiple channels
Suggested website name:

Today we're spoiled with hundreds of channels, yet can never find anything to watch. But Marty McFly's future son doesn't seem to have this problem, even choosing "The Weather Channel" as one of six stations to watch simultaneously. Interesting choices, McFly.

11. ChicagoCubs Win The World Series
Suggested website names: or

Um, could this prediction actually come true?!? The Chicago Cubs -- a baseball team that hasn't won a World Series since 1908 -- is in the 2015 playoffs. It remains to be seen if they can come back from behind, as the New York Mets currently lead the series 3-0 (as of the real Oct. 21, 2015).